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Gateshead Visible Ethnic Minorities Support Group’s (GVEMSG) vision is to create a multi-cultural all-inclusive community, free of fear, prejudice, racism and ignorance.

Our work started in 1983 and we registered as a charity in 1992.

Our group supports and works with disadvantaged and marginalised BAME, asylum seeker, refugee and wider communities who face barriers on many levels, including personal, family, community and wider social and institutional contexts, and are at risk of isolation and exclusion.

Our activities contribute to strengthening the BAME voluntary infrastructure through high quality activity, continuous professional development and capacity building.

All our projects increase community engagement amongst those who are at risk of exclusion, helping to strengthen community cohesion and go towards achieving a reduction in race inequalities.

In 2002, to celebrate HM The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) was established. It is the highest award available for voluntary groups and acknowledges outstanding work taking place in communities. The award recognises commitment, dedication and unselfishness, resulting in public service for the benefit of others; normally of a social, welfare, economic or environmental nature. GVEMSG was one of the very first recipients of this award, recognising the tireless work the trustees of the charity had already put in to supporting communities in the North East, and the contributions they make Nationally to develop thier vision of a multi-cultural all-inclusive community, free of fear, prejudice, racism and ignorance. The list has grown over the years, and GVEMSG are delighted to be included alongside other fantatsic charities, and we wear the Queens Award emblem with pride.

Registered address : 89 Salcombe Gardens, Low Fell, Gateshead, NE9 6UD 

Contact details: info@gemarts.org or call 0191 440 4124


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